Outputs – Results

Related to Component 1:
Redesign and improve corporate statistical business process; and enhance institutional capacities in the production and usage of Agricultural and Labour Force Statistics:

  • Result 1a: Upgraded Statistical Business Process Architecture with improved data management, meeting European standards and practices, designed and implemented in INSTAT.
  • Result 1b: Institutional capacities and capabilities enhanced for the compilation and regular updating of the Statistical Farm Register, and the production and dissemination of Agricultural Statistics as required by the EU acquis in statistics.
  • Result 1c: Institutional capacities and capabilities enhanced for the production and usage of Labour Force statistics, including advanced statistical analysis of Labour Market dynamics.

Related to Component 2:
Develop and test systems for upgraded corporate ICT infrastructure; with inclusion of establishment and pilot implementation of centralised Data Warehouse(s):

  • Result 2: Technical IT infrastructure based on data warehouse concept, capable to facilitate more efficient and effective processing and dissemination of high quality statistics, developed and tested on a pilot basis.

Related to Component 3:
Strengthen communication function and statistical coordination role of INSTAT with focus on dissemination, and quality management:

  • Result 3.1: Strengthened positioning of INSTAT in the Albanian Statistical System including improved engagements with other producers of official statistics; and with the users;
  • Result 3.2: Upgraded capacities, capabilities, and structures for modern public relations for dissemination and presentation of statistical information based on a modern dissemination strategy; ยท Result 3.3: Sound practices, procedures and systems for metadata management, developed and implemented in INSTAT, covering all stages of the statistical processes and facilitating internal and external data exchanges and communications, including coordination.
  • Result 3.4. Quality management organisational structures prepared and established, Quality Assurance Framework implemented in line with best practices in ESS, Quality reports produced in compliance with the EU acquis in statistics, if applicable or according to best practice;


Capacities and capabilities of management and staff of INSTAT for gradual harmonisation of statistical production with the EU acquis in statistics upgraded in a sustainable manner

Outputs – Results Documents

Output 1A1
Output 1A2.1
Output 1A2.2
Output 1A2.3
Output 1A2.4
Output 1B1.1 and 1B1.2
Output 1C1
Output 2.2.1
Output 2.2.2 Blueprint

Output 3.1.1_Report Current status of INSTAT

Output 3.1.3_Report Recommendation _(final)

Output & Communication Strategy_2018_2021

Output document for the implementation of the strategy

Output Policy & Guideline_2018

Output for Press Conference

Output Modules

Output for Press Release

Output Cost Survey 2017_Campaign Brief

Output Census 2020 Strategy_Campaign Brief

Output 3.2.7_INSTAT Visual Identity Style Guide

Output 3.2.10_Article on SM Development

Output 3.3.1_Develop plan & content structure for 2 new products on the Website subpages

Output 3.4.2_Statistical Literacy Strategy