Component 1

Component 1: Redesign abstract psychology and improve corporate statistical business process; and enhance write my research paper for me cheapskate institutional capacities in the production and usage of Agricultural and Labour Force Statistics

Subcomponent 1a. Redesign and improve corporate statistical business processes.


1a.1 Assist INSTAT in designing a blueprint of corporate statistical business process architecture
1a.2 Review and improve core statistical business process environments 1a.3 Redesign INSTAT data management
1a.4 Specification on high level design for an integrated corporate IT architecture, incl. Pilot implementation

Subcomponent 1b. Enhance institutional capacities in the production of Agricultural statistics


1b.1 Assessment of the actual situation of Agriculture Statistics in Albania
1b.2 Technical assistance and expertise for Agriculture Census calibration (Village Survey) and Annual Agriculture Survey (AAS) 2016
1b.3 Technical assistance for mitigation and compilation of data for Statistical Farm Register (SFR)
1b.4 Technical assistance for the preparation for the Farm Structure Survey (FSS) 2017
1b.5 Technical assistance for the development of FADN (Farm Accountancy Data Network)
1b.6Report: Assessment of current situation and follow-up strategy in agricultural statistics

Subcomponent 1c. Enhance institutional capacities in the production and usage of Labour Force statistics


1c.1 Assessment of the inter-institutional communication and reporting protocols 1c.2 Support programme on advanced Labour Force statistics
1c.3 Training session: Seasonal effects analysis on quarterly employment and unemployment estimates
1c.4 Training session: Best practices in the production and analysis of Labour Force statistics
1c.5 Workshops for staff of INSTAT and stakeholders in Labour Force statistics on production and usage of indices, advanced analysis and seasonal variations
1c.6 Training on LFS longitudinal and cross-sectional analysis for clarifying the structure of the labour market in terms of its dynamic components
1c.7 Support the analysis of data from labour cost surveys, and assist with the calculation of labour cost indexes
1c.8 Assist the execution of quality analysis on LFS and the compilation of manuals and quality books in line with the applicable rules and practices of the ESS
1c.9. Assistance for the development of a publication on Labour Force statistics based on a comprehensive approach of using all relevant data sources including business-based social statistics obtained from Labour Cost Survey (LCS), Administrative data sources, and other relevant labour market data sources
1c.10 Assessment of current situation and follow-up strategy on Labour Force statistics